NIOS Vocational Courses

Why you should opt for NIOS Vocational Course?
If you want to aim at preparing yourself for a specialized career path and future growth then NIOS Vocation Certification is the best to go with.

Enriching and empowering the student with practicality for a specific profession and field is what you get after completing your NIOS vocational certification. These certification courses are custom-made to make students completely job ready. In short these courses are aimed at a specific career and designed in a manner as to help upgrade your skills for that particular career.

Under NIOS vocational courses the learning is rely largely on practical on-site experience and very minimal classroom lectures and training. As the course is custom made and it is designed in such a way that when the students graduate they are fully ready for the job and do not require further training on the job. As while pursuing any of the NIOS vocational course certification students gather loads of work experience to showcase to the employers and this way the student gets a cutting edge advantage over the counterparts.

Benefits of Having NIOS Vocational Certification:

  • Before mentioning the other benefits of NIOS Vocational Certification the best benefit you get from this is that you are completely ready for the Job after the course.
  • Mixed knowledge and benefit of traditional and vocational skills.
  • While learning, the whole focus is on specialized area.
  • In-depth knowledge of the industry for which the course is specialized.
  • Dynamic and practical knowledge base learning makes the students aware of ongoing trends in the market.
  • NIOS Vocational Certification courses act as the bridge between the skilled manpower required and available in the market.
  • NIOS Vocational programs are shorter in duration, less expensive and this targets at the actual needs of the industry.
  • Few of the NIOS Vocational Programs do not require 12th Students can opt for the NIOS Vocational Certification Course after high school and make themselves job ready.
  • Brainerrs Academy will help students to get enrolled with NIOS Vocational Certification Course without any hassle of enrollment process.

There are various specializations of vocational courses under NIOS. At Brainerrs Academy we help students to get admission for NIOS Vocational Certification in their desired specialization.

Below is the list of vocational courses:

  • Community Health Worker (CHW)
  • Homeopathy Dispensing (HD)
  • Ayurvedic Therapy (AT)
  • Certification in Yoga (CY)