NIOS – Community Health Worker Certification



In the present days demand for Community Health Workers (CHW) are drastically increasing and this demand will be even 100 times more in 10 years down the line. Community Health Workers are recognized and are in demand for their powerful potential role in enhancing today’s health care system. Numerous studies have been done and found out that CHWs can help in reduce the overall costs and improve care – key goal of most state’s health care priorities. Due to this, many states are currently working hard to promote and formalize Community Health Workers’ (CHW) roles and responsibilities within the health care system. Having the certificate of Community Health Worker (CHW) means you are authorized to perform all medical first aid by the government.

WARNING: If you are directly or indirectly involved in medical services and not having the certification of  Community Health Worker you are most likely to get yourself in legal trouble as the Government of India has made it mandatory for the untrained health workers to get the certification done before start working as health worker.